Heart Rate Variability. Standarts of measurement, physiological interpretation, and clinical use

European Heart Journal (1996) 17, 354-381.


The last two decades have witnessed the recognition of a significant relationship between the autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular mortality, including sudden cardiac death. Experimental evidence for an association between a propensity for lethal arrhythmias and signs of either increased sympathetic or reduced vagal activity has encouraged the development of quantitative markers of autonomic activity.

Heart rate variability (HRV) represents one of the most promising such markers. The apparently easy derivation of this measure has popularized its use. As many commercial devices now provide automated measurement of HRV, the cardiologist has been provided
with a seemingly simple tool for both research and clinical studies. However, the significance and meaning of the many diVerent measures of HRV are more complex than generally appreciated and there is a potential for incorrect conclusions and for excessive or
unfounded extrapolations. <...>

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