An estimation of a health level

Complex "Varicard" it is intended for everyone who is interested in own health. And for those who is absolutely healthy, but wants, as it is possible to keep the health longer. And for those who is yet sick, but already feels from time to time deterioration of state of health. And for those who already has those or other diseases, but he wishes to know what stock of health still has. There are also certain categories of people for which good health is a necessary condition of their successful professional work. It not only cosmonauts, pilots, sportsmen. For example, modern businessmen conduct the intense activity on the organization of manufacture and business. To these people concatenation of success of their activity with a level of health should be especially clear and consequently they should be extremely interested in constant maintenance of such functional condition of an organism which would allow them without handicapes of a message the business.

To speak about health it is much more difficult, than about illness. The person feels illness. Illness to him prevents to live. Illness is potential threat of physical inability and death. It is all clearly. We do not feel health. We perceive it as something by itself understood. As air, as a sunlight. Usually at the story about health many very complex biological and medical concepts became simpler. And still, despite of these simplifications to explain essence of health it is more difficult, than essence of illness. The question this especially difficult, that on it still is not present full unanimity among scientists: biologists and physiologists, physicians and philosophers. At the same time, the problem of an estimation of health is too important for practice to postpone its decision till that time when scientists will finally agree about exact definitions and methodical approaches.

We do attempt to explain to the healthy person, in what essence of health and as it is possible to pass from the common reasonings on health to concrete measures on its measurement and an estimation. When it is a question of money we clearly understand necessity to keep account "arrival" and "charge". When it is a question about health - such understanding is not present.

The traditional medicine during centuries was engaged in revealing and treatment of illnesses, and health considered only as absence of diseases. And, naturally the doctor healthy people did not interest until they will not address to him with complaints to the state of health. Here then the medicine will start to make use of the centuries-old experience and modern technical equipment all over again to establish the correct diagnosis of illness. Therefore, while you are not sick, your health does not interest traditional medicine and is only in your own hands.

Whether there is the common for all people a criterion of health and a method of its measurement? Yes, the uniform criterion of health exists, and it is possible to measure a level of health. The excessive stress, the constant experiences, the suppressed mood, failures, big physical activities and insufficient rest lead to the strong tension regulatory systems of an organism, and then to their overstrain and an exhaustion. It means, that the organism cannot adjust itself the functions, process of self-control is broken, there are difficulties and failures in work of various systems of an organism. So we come to illness.

The modern approach to measurement and an estimation of health consists in research of data about a rhythm of heart. Heart responds to all changes in an environment and inside of an organism. This approach originates from pulsed diagnostics which has arisen several millenia ago in ancient China. About pulsed diagnostics heard many, but, apparently, to the majority of people that the similar approach has received the development in modern astronautics will be new. This approach is the most simple and simultaneously it uses one of the most complex parameters of ability to live of the person - a rhythm of heart.

Complex "Varicard" for processing cardiointervalogram and analysis of heart rate variability

The analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) is one of modern method of research and estimation of a condition of the physiological functions regulation mechanisms.

The complex "Varicard" is intended for the HRV analysis in various areas of applied physiology, preventive medicine and clinical practice. It provides realization of all basic methods of the HRV analysis (statistical analysis, variational pulsometry, correlation rhythmography, autocorrelation and spectral analysis) and allows to calculate up to 40 various parameters both used in Russia, and recommended by European-American standarts.


"Varicard" represents the independent device working together with the personal computer and provides the analysis of records with duration from 5 minutes till several hours with frequency of quantification 2000 Hz.

The complex "Varicard" has been passed the technical and clinical tests and recommended for mass production and for using in medical practice by Russian Health Ministry.

The complex works together with personal computer by use the specialized software. It structurally consist of the patient's block connected with personal computer, laptop, tabled through the standard interface USB. The minimal configuration of the personal computer - processor Celeron 2,7GHz, operative memory - 4 GB, Hard disk capacity - 500GB, ink-jet or laser printer, operating system - Windows 7/8/10. The complex provides continuous work within not less than 8 hours;


The complex provides operative data processing with formation in graphic and table forms of researches results and an opportunity of its printing or storing in a database. The special complicit of the programs allows to present the medical and physiological conclusions about a functional states of autonomic regulation system on the basis of prenosological diagnostics principles.

Modern approach to health level estimation had developed for cosmonauts state control. For estimation of functional states the index of activity of regulation systems (IARS) and the principle of ball-estimation is used (from 1 to 10 ball). The system of health level estimation can be more clear when it divided into three zone of health: GREEN, YELLOW and RED. If you are in the GREEN zone - your health is OK. You must only to support it. If you are in the YELLOW zone - you need to pay attention to your health status. If you are in the RED zone - you need medical care, diagnostics and treatment probable disease.

Screenshots of software

ISCIM6 program. Converting ECG to cardiointervalogram (dynamic series of cardiointervals)


ISCIM6 program. Results (page 1)


ISCIM6 program. Results (page 2)
ISCIM6 program. Results (page 3)
OUT_DOC program. Output document of complex "Varicard"
OUTMODA program. The program for showing of the diagrams describing distribution of any parameter on sample (a database, a card file or a patient)
OUT_WIND program. The program for showing of the diagrams of normalized parameters of HRV
Technology of mass inspections. On the computer installed special software 'Varicard MP"
"Varicard" specification you can see here

Institute of Introduction of New Medical Technologies RAMENA Open Company, Ryazan, Russia,, 2020